Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kiki is growing so fast I can hardly recognize her

These are the photos I took for Zach and Kiki just last week. I was en route to my church camp and able to drop by home in Kuantan to reunite with Kiki whom I have not seen for 3 months.

Zach after suffering from skin allergy for about two weeks are finally a little better, eating more and easier to get to sleep. I should have bring to the Vet earlier so that he need not suffer for so long.

Kki is so big and strong but still maintain that lovely look on her face. I really really adore her.

Kiki is tall, when she stands, she is almost reaching my sister chest height. She can be naughty and demanding but on the whole I was told she is a happy girl.

Big mouth, strong teeth, she is a picture of health.

Another passive look, giving you that good girl pose.

Kiki deep in thought, she listens well to command like sit, hand hand, and some simple words. My family insist that she is many trilingual.