Sunday, May 10, 2009


Zach recent photos

Zach has been very well and he is going to turn 3 on 6th June.

Always so ready to listen. Zach is truly a blessing to me.

Friday, February 27, 2009

update and how happy they are together

We have been so busy for the past few months and had completely not able to communicate with anyone. So now, with all the festivities over, it is time to post some new photos.

Kiki is big and Zachheaus remains the same except putting on some weight, they played but constantly I have to be around, cos their sizes differ so much!

Getting more intimate!
Kiki is ever so so adorable.
Zachheaus is so regal!

Kiki loves flowers, she is a girl afterall.

Panting after a good run in the garden
Playing with the hose in the garden. Be careful, she can easily chew up the hose.
She is so serious when she wants to.
Guarding the household, she is a very intelligent and faithful friend.